Meniscus Surgery – The Insider’s Report

What Do…

Patients Really Say?

<h5What Do…

Surgeons Really Think?

What If…

It Was Personal?

75+ Prior Patients

  • Personal opinions from people who’ve had partial meniscectomy or meniscus repair
  • “How satisfied are you? Do you still have pain?”
  • “What lessons did you learn that new patients need to know?”

25+ Physician Interviews

  • Candid in-depth surgeon interviews, up to an hour or more, just on meniscus surgery
  • Anonymous sharing, so you get straight talk
  • “Who needs meniscus surgery right away? Who can wait? How long?

Surgeons Own Choices

  • “Doctor, assuming this were your child or spouse – what would you watch out for when deciding about partial meniscectomy?”
  • “If this were your own torn meniscus and you could handle the pain, would you get surgery or wait?”

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