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Company Background

About Real Surgery, IncReal Surgery Inc. is a national medical information company based in California that acts on the belief that well-informed patients are better able to make good decisions about their medical care. Our affordable, plain-spoken, online Insider’s Reports help prospective surgical patients to gain a clearer understanding of procedures they may be considering as well as what they may expect on a personal level before, during, and after the experience.

Our healthcare expertise is in conducting deep, primary research among physicians and patients who have previously undergone surgical procedures and then carefully distilling this information into relevant points for prospective patients. Active surgeons and former patients speak in their own voices, describing their experiences. Real Surgery then extracts the important points – the “good, bad, and ugly” about the surgical procedure – to help potential patients make more informed decisions

Insider’s Reports from Real Surgery

Tens of millions of surgical procedures are performed every year in the United States. While some must be performed as an emergency, many are elective or non-urgent and can be scheduled in advance. This lack of immediate time pressure allows the prospective patient to carefully consider the available options, including whether to undergo the procedure, the type of procedure best suited to resolve his or her problem, and even whether to forego the procedure. If you are a patient facing such an elective surgery, whether it’s for your knee, eye, shoulder, uterus, hernia, tonsils, spine, or gall bladder, you must make your own final choice about how and when to proceed, even as you make your choice with the support of your doctors or loved ones.

And yet, how well-informed do you feel?

It is, of course, true that patients get advice from their doctors; some may also hear an occasional story from a friend; and some may read about a surgery on the Internet. But it’s also true that many patients (perhaps you may be one) often still feel in the dark about vital aspects of what’s ahead. And this can include important factors that might affect what you would choose to do. There may be many questions you would want to ask, but the circumstances may well prevent this. For example:

  • Are former patients who got your surgery satisfied or dissatisfied that they made that choice?
  • If former patients were doing it all over again, what would they do differently, if anything?
  • What do surgeons really think (off the record) about the strengths or weaknesses of your surgical options?
  • If a surgeon’s own child or spouse were a patient, would the surgeon really suggest the same as for you?
  • For you, as a prospective patient, what lessons can be learned from these opinions?

A Real Surgery Insider’s Report gives you and your loved ones access to valuable, proprietary information – scores of individually gathered reviews and opinions, and extensive feedback about your surgical procedure. If you are facing possible surgery, Real Surgery takes you beyond a second opinion.

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