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Insider’s Reports – How Real Surgery Works

Every Real Surgery Report begins with primary research. Real Surgery research teams obtain extensive and in depth feedback from prior patients and current physicians. We do this proprietary research for each and every surgical procedure on which we report.

Patient Research
Patient Research: Surveys, Questions, OpinionsA typical Real Surgery Report will include feedback from at least 50-100 patients who’ve had the procedure(s) you are considering. We survey these patients in detail. We ask about their experiences, their satisfaction with their surgeries, what made things harder or easier than they expected, what they would do differently if they were doing it over all again. We distill this feedback into key lessons learned for prospective patients. You will see these first-hand patient stories quoted extensively in your Real Surgery Report. In the Meniscus Surgery report more than 75 patients were included.

in operating room for torn meniscus surgeryPhysician Research
When a patient receives a recommendation for a non-emergency surgery, there is time to talk to another doctor to get a second opinion. Since surgeons do not always agree about when surgery should occur or what kind of procedure is best, getting a second opinion can be enormously valuable. Obviously we think so: most Real Surgery Reports include frank opinions from not just one or two surgeons, rather 20 surgeons or more, all board-certified in the specialty areas we are discussing. Our interviews are one-on-one, with each on average half an hour to 45 minutes in length, some as long as an hour or more. Because surgeons are assured anonymity, they speak candidly and openly, setting aside the understandable caution they might have with one patient directly. What this means to you is that you get the straight scoop, real opinions, not the party line. You will see these forthright physician quotes throughout your Real Surgery Report. In the Meniscus Surgery Report more than 25 surgeons and primary care physicians were included. Real Surgery interviewed only board-certified physicians: for surgeons, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons or similar; for primary care, physicians board-certified in internal medicine or family practice with membership in the American Board of Family Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine, or similar.

Critical Analysis
Meniscectomy ResearchReal Surgery also goes further than simply conducting research. We make meaning from the comments and the numbers. Our researchers are not telemarketers working from a script. We are experienced medical researchers, and we do not just restate boilerplate medical information you can get elsewhere on the Internet. Our goal is to get unique information and candid feedback to help you consider your treatment options. Our purpose is to help you understand the implications from the feedback we obtain. We believe that with such knowledge comes power. And we are committed to empowering you, as a patient, as a family member, or as a trusted friend. Your Real Surgery Report will help demystify your surgery pros and cons. In plain, everyday language, you’ll learn what doctors and patients really think about the surgeries for your condition and the different camps of opinions about these procedures.

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