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    Torn Meniscus Treatment with Non-Surgery Alternatives

       Non-surgical options?

    Q: Of the patients who can or should wait before pursuing surgery for torn meniscus (e.g., patient has a manageable meniscus tear but no knee buckling or knee locking, or patient is more in arthritis category), what alternative therapies would you recommend?

    icing knee after surgery for torn meniscus

    “Big fan of physical therapy… muscles around the joint”

    “We usually advise them about the use of over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, and we usually recommend Aleve because it tends to be longer acting and a little safer on the stomach. We usually caution about managing their weight properly because the more weight you carry, the more trauma across the joint. I’m a big fan of physical therapy to condition the muscles around the joint to help give the joint more support. We also caution them about their modifying their activities; so if they happen to be high-impact type athletes or activity type people, and we know they have these cartilage injuries to their knees, we usually put them on non-impact activities like stationary bike or bicycling or swimming or elliptical trainer.” Primary Care Physician
    What’s below? Reviews results of surgeon research in which meniscus tear surgeons discuss how useful they think alternative therapies are for patients facing potential meniscus surgery.  Surgeons talk about basic alternative therapies and also comment on their views of prolotherapy for avoiding meniscectomy.  Includes extensive direct quotes from off-the-record interviews with knee meniscus surgeons. Make th BEST decision for YOUR body!
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