Personal Stories

I’d like to share a personal story about why I helped start Real Surgery. If you’ve read my work background, you know I’ve worked in the healthcare industry a long time. But this is more about my personal background. It’s about why I think patients need to have thorough information and to be able to make their own surgical choices, especially since the right medical path can be uncertain. This story is about why I believe so strongly in choosing to become a well-informed patient, an empowered patient.

I am completely deaf in my left ear. I’ve had this comparatively minor but still frustrating disability for a long time. People who know me sometimes forget about this because I’ve learned to live with it. Plus it’s not a “visible” problem. Even so, it can be difficult. Noisy restaurants or other loud settings can be exhausting. If there’s an unexpected sound, I usually can’t tell where it’s coming from – that takes two ears. At social gatherings I can easily miss things others are saying if they’re on my deaf side. So I have to be careful not to inadvertently offend people who may think I’m ignoring them but really I just don’t hear them talking to me. [read on…]