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    Ratings on Partial Meniscectomy Surgery

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    Q: Considering all aspects of your meniscus surgery, including the partial meniscectomy procedure itself, your recovery, your results, your costs, etc., how do you rate your overall satisfaction?

    “Re-injured…was told surgeon did a ‘poor job’”

    DG (male), 22, ConnecticutNot satisfied

    “I had a twisting injury playing basketball. An MRI revealed the torn meniscus. I had a partial meniscectomy on my lateral meniscus. The incision size was relatively small for this procedure as it was arthroscopic surgery, and I had three small holes. The knee never felt back to normal before return to activity. I re-injured it 10 months post-surgery with an accompanying ACL tear. Perhaps atrophy still existed, leading to the re-injury. I was told afterwards that the surgeon did a ‘poor job’ on the initial procedure. The re-injury led to more damage and more surgery and the long-term health of the knee is severely impacted. If the initial surgery was better and my return to activity was delayed longer, the second injury may not have occurred.”

    Key Points

    21% of former meniscectomy patients reported being dissatisfied after their surgery.  Almost all still had ongoing knee meniscus pain or other knee problems.

    Meniscus Surgery Patients – 21% Dissatisfied

    More Patient Quotes

    “At least able to walk…did not like my doctor”

    JC (female), 54, CaliforniaDissatisfied patients
    “I tripped and fell off a curb. My knee was very sore and the swelling would not go down. I had much difficulty walking. I could not completely straighten my leg, and the swelling in my leg and knee would not go away. After the surgery I was at least able to walk. But I still have knee swelling and occasional stiffness. I did not like my doctor. I think I should have gone to physical therapy after surgery. The doctor said I could if I wanted, but did not recommend it.”

    “Did not help, and I am still in pain”

    TP (female), 46, TexasDissatisfied patients
    “I could not put pressure on the leg. It hurt when I would try to sit. It hurt when I would try to stand. It just simply hurt all the time. The recovery after the surgery was easy because it was about a week and a half, and I was still able to walk with not so much pain. But after the initial recovery, it started hurting again. I could not run, play basketball, or play volleyball, and I am a coach of all three sports. The procedure was not effective. Still to this day I am still having problems. I was dissatisfied because it did not help, and I am still in pain.”

    “Many years later I still have pain”

    QA (male), 19, New YorkDissatisfied patients
    “I could not walk after falling and injuring myself. It felt like I had sand in my knee cap. I could not walk at ALL. I was in too much pain. I have seen some people with complete knee replacement who walk and get around faster than I did. The surgery did eliminate the meniscus problem back then, but in the long run my knee hurts every time it rains or snows. I still have pain, not from my knee but from the effects of the surgery. I think I have developed arthritis as well.”

    “I feel the same…plus it was expensive”

    SC (male), 48, WashingtonDissatisfied patients
    “My knee had become painful to touch. There was clicking and grinding. With the surgery I expected it to be much better. But basically my knee feels somewhat the same. Doing it again I would get a second opinion. I feel the same …plus it was expensive.”