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    Surgeons: Arthritis More Likely After Meniscus Surgery?

       Arthritus vs. surgery?

    Q: Do you think that a having a partial meniscectomy could actually cause, worsen or accelerate arthritis in the knee later in the patient’s life? On the other hand, could the meniscus surgery prevent arthritis from developing in the knee?

    does meniscus tear surgery cause arthritis?“A flap tear that’s moving around…likely to cause arthritic wear”

    “In fact, if you leave a torn meniscus, that displaced bucket-handle tear or that flap tear that’s moving around and collapsing the knee – the presence of that type of abnormality in the knee is more likely to cause arthritic wear of the joint versus removing it and getting rid of the irritant. This is because the piece that’s moving around is actually putting pressure on the surface cartilage of the joint, and it can cause damage. If your knee is not collapsing and not locking and you don’t have arthritis, you can probably still wait and not worry that you’re going to cause arthritis in your knee prematurely.”
    Orthopaedic Surgeon

    What’s below? See research with knee meniscus surgeons about their viewpoints on whether meniscectomy makes the likelihood of arthritis go up or down.  Surgeons explain whether they feel partial meniscectomy causes or accelerates arthritis and what this has to do with whether or not a patient can  wait before proceeding with meniscus surgery. Includes extensive direct quotes from off-the-record interviews with surgeons. Make th BEST decision for YOUR body!
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