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“There are a lot of ‘free’ knee surgery websites… this website goes beyond that.”


“I think this website has valuable information that other websites do not have, such as the doctors’ opinions. There are a lot of ‘free’ knee surgery websites that focus just on explaining symptoms and the procedure in a “textbook” fashion, and this website goes beyond that. It also summarizes information in an organized format which is good because I have looked at some knee surgery websites that are very cluttered which makes it difficult to sift through all the information. Citing reviews by actual patients and doctors is valuable, and having a variety of viewpoints (both positive and negative) and “key points” sections are helpful.”

Patient focussed site for meniscus surgery.“I love this site.”


“I love this site. It is very informative, honest, and straight forward. One of my biggest complaints with most medical-related websites is that they are often one-sided and only offer one opinion. This one really places emphasis on the fact that surgery is different for everyone, recovery is different for everyone, and the long term outcome is different for everyone. I liked that both surgeon and patient comments were included. The information is easy to find, understand, and in simple language.

I have never really seen a patient-focused site for meniscus surgery, so I think this is very valuable. All sites I’ve seen are aimed at the physician or in terms that most non-medical people will not understand easily. I especially like that the patient experiences include patients with all levels of satisfaction or dissatisfaction. I think it gives an honest look at how this surgery impacts a person’s life. I know that personally, when I went to the doctor the first time, he made it seem like surgery was my only option and that the recovery would be short and easy.”


“The reviews are great! They don’t sugar coat anything…”


“I think that the site is super valuable because it focuses on one surgery in particular. Surgical procedures are too complex to try and group together or give a general summation of a process or surgery in general.

The reviews are great! They don’t sugar coat anything as they offer multiple types of feedback and patient comments. The patient info section where it touches upon age/ recovery, ongoing pain, etc. was great! This is giving way more second level information that people need! This is an area where many people think they have a lot of knowledge, but they really have no clue what they are talking about. This will help with expert advice and reviews from actual patients.”


Expert advice and reviews from actual patients“The patient reviews and the graphics and detailed explanations of the parts of the knee and the types of tears and repairs. Wow!”


“I think most people facing surgery just want to feel better. It is a tough time to do research. The internet is a little like panning for gold. Everyone thinks a search engine and some time is all they need to find the perfect thing but after hours and hours of searching, they just end up frustrated and quitting. I think people get tired of reading the same requoted and rehashed pat articles and eventually stop searching and investigating. I think this website explains and illustrates it great. It has personal quotes and data that are not rehashed like on Wikipedia and other medical sites.

I think this site would help alleviate fears of parents or loved ones of those facing the surgery or make some folks take a step back and maybe get a second opinion. The patient reviews and the graphics and detailed explanations of the parts of the knee and the types of tears and repairs. Wow! I did not even see that kind of detail when I was prepping for my surgery. The patient reviews were helpful. I like how they were broken down. It all boils down to your comfort level and trust. I trust that these reviews and opinions are genuine. The site is comfortable to navigate. Just like you have to feel comfortable and trust your doctor and if you do not, if there is even a glimmer of unease, hobble away and find someone you do feel comfortable with and trust. This site is definitely more comprehensive than others and full of real world opinions. I liked that there were no pop ups or ads. It was nice not to see sad orphaned puppies or a weight loss ad in the sidebar as I am trying to read about knee surgery.”


Patient opinions help others make informed decisions.“I’m a big reader of reviews… so reading someone’s opinion helps me make an informed decision and puts things in perspective.


“I like the written testimonials because it’s personal and honest. I’m a big reader of reviews (like when people review a business or product) so reading someone’s opinion helps me make an informed decision and puts things in perspective.

Very valuable, because whether or not to have surgery is a very serious decision and the more feedback the better because people are going to have questions they want answers to.”