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       Choosing a surgeon?

    Q: What would you recommend that patients do to find a good surgeon? Do you think there’s a certain number of meniscus tear surgeries that a good surgeon will be doing per year?   Are there other characteristics you would look for in a good surgeon? Suppose a close friend or family member asked you how many partial meniscectomy procedures per year a surgeon should be performing in order to have good confidence in his or her experience.  What would you suggest?

    surgeon who performs meniscectomy“Unusual things increase skill… maybe 10 a month”

    “That is a tough one.  I think, as a rough number, 80% of meniscus surgeries are simple and can be performed by any orthopaedic surgeon.  It’s the oddballs, the outliers, the unusual things that are encountered that the skill level required increases.  So, I would say if they were doing, maybe 10 a month, that would be a little over a hundred a year, that would probably be good.  This type of procedure, again, just the straight forward meniscus procedure, I don’t think is that complicated.  I think most guys can handle that.  It’s the things read moreyou encounter unexpectedly that cause problems sometimes.”

    What’s below? Find out what knee meniscus surgeons say they would recommend to family members or loved ones if they were quantifying how many meniscectomy procedures a surgeon should perform each year in order to be considered well-experienced. See the range of surgeon estimates for this measure of meniscus surgery skill.  Includes direct quotes from interviews with surgeons about their perceptions of how to identify another surgeon with good skills for meniscus tear. Make th BEST decision for YOUR body!
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