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    Ratings on Partial Meniscectomy Surgery

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    Q: Considering all aspects of your meniscus tear surgery, including the partial meniscectomy procedure itself, your recovery, your results, your costs, etc., how do rate your overall satisfaction?

    “Without surgery I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my passion”

    DD (male), 20, ConnecticutSatisfied patients
    “They performed surgery on my medial meniscus after I tore it while I was playing soccer. After the surgery they gave me Percocet to help relieve some of the pain I had. I really didn’t have much pain, and as soon as the surgery was over, the doctor said I could walk if I wanted to but to be safe, to use crutches for the first couple of days. I had surgery on Friday and by Sunday I was able read moreto walk relatively smoothly. The problem I experienced before the surgery was that I wasn’t able to walk without a limp, and every time my knee bent, I would feel a crack in the knee. At first I continued to play soccer. However after two weeks of pain, I eventually had an MRI and found out I had a torn meniscus. At first I was scared of the surgery because it was done in August and I was entering my sophomore season of college soccer and feared my season would be over if I had surgery. Also I feared I would never be the same player after having the surgery performed. However after the meniscus surgery it only took me a month to get back on the field, and ever since the surgery I feel as if my left knee is stronger than before I had the surgery performed. Through physical therapy and constant ice after surgery, my knee was stronger than ever. Best decision I have ever made. Without surgery I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my passion for soccer ever again”


    Key Points

    Only 38% of knee meniscus patients reported high satisfaction with their meniscectomy procedures.

    • About two out every five patients who underwent meniscus surgery were Highly Satisfied. They consistently reported large improvement in the function of their knees after partial meniscectomy. In some cases they felt they were even stronger than before. This group included both older and younger patients as well as patients with all meniscus tear severities. The average age was 36.
    • Some of these patients said they wished they’d gotten meniscus tear surgery even more quickly than they did. At worst, they experienced only slightly less functionality, but this was balanced by very good pain relief.
    • For prospective torn meniscus patients, the main concern is that the highly satisfied group was a minority overall.
      (see see surgeon opinions on overall patient satisfaction with meniscus surgery.)

    Meniscus Surgery Patients – 38% Highly Satisfied

    More Patient Quotes

    “Extremely happy with the outcome”

    DH (male), 42, MassachusettsSatisfied patients
    “I was expecting all kinds of problems, but they never materialized whatsoever. I was very hesitant at first putting weight on it, but once I realized it was a success, I was extremely happy with the outcome. The recovery time was far less than I expected.”

    “Extremely pleased not to have pain”

    TM (female), 29, CaliforniaSatisfied patients
    “One afternoon about three months prior to surgery I lifted and twisted myself while holding the vacuum. I did not feel or hear anything abnormal. Later that evening and until surgery the left knee was swollen and very painful. I was EXTREMELY pleased to have not had any pain after the surgery. My boyfriend had a medical emergency the day after my surgery which required me to call 911 for him. The medics were impressed I was up and walking with my crutches. When they came in the house they thought I was the one who needed medical attention! The recovery/physical therapy was the most challenging part. Working out the leg to regain mass and muscle was the most painful part. I still have a little weakness in the knee when descending stairs or walking down an incline. I also feel joint pain in cold weather. But I am satisfied with the results of the meniscus surgery, it was quick, and the staff was wonderful. There are three small, barely noticeable scars.”

    “Went pretty much as the doctor said”

    RH (male), 60, IndianaSatisfied patients
    “I fell coming down the stairs in our home.  I went to the emergency room at the hospital. After the x-rays and the examination by the doctor I was told I had damage in my knee. My decision to have the meniscus surgery was based on what I was told by the doctor. The surgery was done shortly after the accident, so I didn’t live with a damaged knee for a long period of time. My knee now doesn’t seem to really be any different than it was before the accident. I don’t have any problems with it at all. Everything went pretty much as the doctor had said it would.”

    “Simple and easy… a great procedure”

    CB (male), 59, ConnecticutSatisfied patients
    “I walk five miles every day. I started walking a little within the second day. After two week recovery I was back to walking my full five miles.  I would say that because the operation was completed with three small incisions that it didn’t require much to recover.  It was so simple and easy an operation that it really didn’t do anything other than fix the problem. It was a great procedure, and I am very happy that I allowed the operation.”

    “I’m able to play with my children”

    DW (male), 35, Texas Satisfied patients
    “I had gotten into a motorcycle accident which resulted in my injury. My symptoms were sharp pain in my knee area. My knee cap was swollen as well. I was not able to be on my feet all day. Now I have full range of motion. I have no problems bending or squatting. I am able to bicycle just fine. I was able to take several weeks off from work and allow it to heal properly. My recovery was thorough. I was able to resume a normal life and lifestyle that I had prior to the surgery. The benefits are that I’m able to play with my children, and my activity level has not been diminished.”