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    Surgeons: Torn Meniscus Patients Need to Understand Arthritis

       Top watch-outs for patients?

    Q: What do you think are the top watch-outs for a patient considering meniscus surgery so that they do not get surprised in a negative way?

    pain from arthritis or meniscus tear?“Amount of arthritis that’s in the knee is the biggest determinant of satisfaction”

    “Amount of arthritis that’s in the knee is the biggest determinant of patient satisfaction. Secondly, I think it depends on whether the tear is on the medial or the lateral side. Younger patients that have lateral meniscus surgery don’t usually do that well. The third determinant would be women over age 50; they tend to do worse. I don’t know why. They just have a look about them when they come into the office, and you just know that they’re not particularly going to do well.”
    Orthopaedic Surgeon
    What’s below? Shows results from surgeon research into the importance of a meniscus tear patient’s arthritis status in determining whether surgery is a good meniscus tear treatment.  Outlines how meniscus surgery affects pain when arthritis is present in addition to a torn meniscus.  Includes extensive direct quotes from off-the-record interviews with knee meniscus surgeons. Make th BEST decision for YOUR body!
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