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    Surgeons: Meniscus Surgery Now, Later, or Never?

       Possible to wait?

    Q: Under what circumstances do you think a patient should wait to have meniscus surgery?  When should a patient not wait?  If you or a family member were a meniscus tear patient in the “Could Wait” category, would you choose to wait or to have surgery?

    knee instability indicates surgery now“Bucket-handle tears where meniscus has flipped over…
    about 20 to 25%”

    “One set of tears where it’s more black and white that the patient will require surgery are displaced bucket-handle tears where the meniscus has flipped over on itself and is sitting inside the knee joint. Under these circumstances it is absolutely clear that these tears will require surgery to have it fixed. It’s not going to go back on its own, and it won’t heal. In my practice, this represents about 20 to 25% of the tears that I see.” Orthopaedic Surgeon

    What’s below? See research with knee meniscus surgeons and what they say about patients who have the option of delaying meniscus surgery to see if they improve without it.  Surgeons discuss the importance of issues such as knee locking, knee buckling, or other knee instability as well as the extent of pain or size of tear. Includes extensive direct quotes from surgeons.
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