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    High Technical Demands and Narrow Criteria

       Repair possible?

    Q: What kinds of patients are best suited for a meniscus repair?  Why?  What are the key concerns about having a meniscus repaired?

    surgeons performing meniscus repair“Under 25, with ACL…or true rim tears…I do not see many”

    “In my experience, I think there is very little healing potential of the meniscus. The only repairs I currently do are in the very young, under 25, with ACL surgery, or with true rim tears at the menisco-capsular junction. I do not see many of these scenarios.” Orthopaedic Surgeon

    What’s below? Read results from research about surgeon opinions on how frequently meniscus tears be treated by meniscus repair instead of partial meniscectomy, now and in the future.  See what surgeons say about who makes a good candidate for meniscus repair. Includes direct quotes from interviews with surgeons about the comparative difficulty of meniscus repair versus meniscectomy.Make th BEST decision for YOUR body!
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