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    Surgeon Viewpoints on Meniscectomy Recovery

       Recovery time?

    Q: If the patient has a partial meniscectomy, what is the expected amount of time the meniscus surgery recovery would take?

    physical therapy for meniscus surgery recovery“I always keep my patients on crutches for a month…
    most people don’t”

    “I always keep my patients on crutches for a month. I warn them about that ahead of time. I think that’s very useful and very important. I’m probably maybe one out of five guys in the country that do that and most people don’t. They just let their patients walk right away, and I think that really contributes to the pain and swelling when you have a knee that’s got some of the articular cartilage surface changes.” Orthopaedic Surgeon

    What’s below? Read numerous direct quotes from research interviews with knee meniscus surgeons in which they discuss their beliefs about whether some surgeons underestimate partial meniscectomy recovery. Surgeons also explain their own estimates of average recovery time after meniscus surgery. Research results include extensive off-the-record feedback. Make th BEST decision for YOUR body!
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