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    #2 Patient Lesson – Pain Might Not Go Away After Meniscus Surgery

       What was good or bad?

    Q: What positive and the negative aspects of your experience led to your meniscus surgery satisfaction rating?  Please describe things that made your meniscus tear experience easier or harder than you thought it would be.  What benefits or shortfalls led you to decide that the procedure was worth it or not?  What if anything do you know about this torn meniscus procedure now that you wish you had known before you had it?

    knee pain after surgery for meniscus tear

    “There will be some pain forever’”

    RD (female), 50, New Jersey
    “Directly after surgery and the day after that, I had to actually use crutches and then a cane. For the first couple of days, I was unable to walk up and down stairs. I was out from work about a full week, not back to work the next day like I was told. Sometimes my knee has pain now, especially during bad weather, and sometimes when bending in certain directions. My knee does read morenot feel like it is fully recovered. My deductible was too high, and I’m still paying it on a payment plan. My knee still has pain 50% of the time, and I have to be careful not to twist it abruptly or I will be in severe pain. The pain was constant, but now it is not. I also get pain during cold or rainy weather. I wish I had known that the rehab would be longer than six months and that I would not be fully recovered, that there will still be some pain forever.”

    What’s below? Discusses research results that quantify the portion of all knee meniscus patients that still had pain or other problems after meniscus surgery.  Explores the prevalence of torn meniscus patients going into surgery thinking that pain from their meniscus tear would be eliminated, but then finding afterward that although the torn meniscus pain was gone, other pain persisted.  Includes extensive direct quotes from former patients who had surgery for their meniscus tear.Make th BEST decision for YOUR body!
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