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    Ratings on Partial Meniscectomy Surgery

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    Q: Considering all aspects of your meniscus tear surgery, including the partial meniscectomy procedure itself, your recovery, your results, your costs, etc., how do rate your overall satisfaction?

    Absolutely worth it… but scar tissue irritation”

    CL (female), 25, Washington
    “Structurally my knee is completely sound now, which is a long way from how it was before. It has alleviated almost all of the discomfort I was experiencing before. Unfortunately, I built some scar tissue along the meniscus incision tract which still aggravates me to this day. The course of treatment for that has been regular low-impact exercise and stretching to wear read morethrough the scar tissue.  Absolutely worth it since the structural integrity of my knee now will allow me to revisit activities and sports that I wasn’t able to partake in before. But it has taken much longer than I’d expected to work through the scar tissue. I’m much better on my feet for longer periods of time, with pain and discomfort mostly isolated to the one knee due to the scar tissue irritation and not spreading around my entire body. The overall costs after the insurance coverage were fairly low, and I’m still paying them off (between the anesthesiologist, orthopedic surgeon/physician, the surgical center) but they are all very forgiving and patient in receiving small but regular payments.”
    Key Points

    41% of former knee meniscus patients felt “satisfied,” “improved” after their meniscectomy.  However, three-fourths have at least some ongoing difficulties after meniscus surgery.

    Meniscus Surgery Patients – 41% Partly Satisfied

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    “Wish I could kneel. No one mentioned that”

    DL (female), 39, TexasPartly Satisfied patients
    “I am plus size at 280 pounds. I went into labor, and we drove to the hospital in the wee hours of the morning. I was kneeling on the seat facing the back, grasping the headrest. We think that is when I hurt my knee. In a few months I was in pain with every step. I had tried taking anti-inflammatories, but I was in pain and called my insurance. I was thrilled that the doctor did not blame the knee issue on my weight and took me seriously, unlike my former GP doc. Once the testing was done the meniscus surgery was scheduled ASAP. I had the surgery, and it feels better. I cannot kneel on it though, or leverage myself up from a kneeling position with that knee. I no longer have pain with each step, but I still have pain when I walk too much. I am not able to kneel or play on the floor with the kids. When it hurts, it is exactly on the top corner where the incision was. I do wish I could kneel. No one mentioned that beforehand.”

    “Surgery was successful…but underestimated pain”

    ZP (male), 24, IndianaPartly Satisfied patients
    “I had persistent pain, swelling, and difficulty walking for extended periods of time. My range of motion was greatly decreased when trying to bend the knee, and the pain reduced my ability to play sports effectively. It also hindered my ability be on my feet working my brand new job as a construction manager, due to the high amount of walking the position required, in and out of houses and up and down stair. But my doctor was great. The surgery was successful and allowed me to return to my normal life of work and sports. My first knee surgery experience was worse than I expected because I underestimated the amount of pain the surgery was going to cause and the amount of time I would be able to recover from the surgery afterwards.”

    “Much better…but still not ‘perfect’”

    CM (female), 53, CaliforniaPartly Satisfied patients
    “I had pain and swelling in my knee, and I was unable to play tennis plus I had pain when I was walking. After surgery my knee was much better, and I was able to return to my previous activities. But my knee is still not ‘perfect’. The knee was never ‘normal’ or as good as my other knee. I had more pain and swelling afterward than I thought I would. But I can still hike and play tennis wearing a knee brace.”

    “Sports is about 80%…pain and discomfort continue”

    JS (male), 48, IllinoisPartly Satisfied patients
    “I began having moderate pain after landing awkwardly. I was hoping that all the discomfort would be gone for strenuous physical activity. It took away the pain for most uses. My normal activities are 100% and sports are about 80%. But my pain and discomfort continue.”

    “Hurts in a different way now”

    VL (male), 60, PennsylvaniaPartly Satisfied patients
    “Placing weight on the knee while walking caused severe discomfort. Also lying down in bed on my left side, the pressure of it touching the bed was uncomfortable. And touching it with my finger caused pain. I do not have any pain where the procedure was performed. However, the knee hurts in a different way now. It bothers me going up and down stairs. The doctor had informed me at the time of the meniscus surgery that there is also some arthritis present so that could be a contributing factor. I am not in as much discomfort as I was in before the procedure; however, it is still painful in a different way. I am glad to have had the operation because prior to it I could hardly get around or sleep properly.”