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Real Surgery Pricing
Real Surgery provides unique and extensive inside information about surgical procedures to prospective patients and their families.  Pricing for a Real Surgery Report is simple: a one-time flat fee, payable by secure transaction via credit card or PayPal.

Within your user account, you will be able to immediately view your entire Real Surgery Report.  All pages that are premium content are available upon login immediately after you finish your transaction.  You can also give other family members or friends your login information so they can access the same information in order to be able to discuss it with you and help you in your surgical decision-making.

Why Pay for a Real Surgery Report

Real Surgery Reports are based on deep, original, proprietary research.  Each Report includes candid feedback and opinions gathered from both surgeons and patients through personal interviews and surveys.  This means you get frank, detailed information – useful insights you need in order to make your own medical choices.  This information is unique.
Your personal cost if you choose surgery?  Can be hundreds, usually thousands of dollars
Your cost for a Real Surgery Report?  Less than a night at the movies.

Choosing Meniscus Tear Treatment

Helpful Pricing Comparison

For a helpful pricing comparison, consider a simplified example of the overall costs of a fairly common surgery, such as gall bladder surgery, performed in an outpatient surgery center.  Suppose the total costs were around $6,000 (could easily be more), including the three main components: surgeon’s fees, anesthesia fees, and facility fees (surgery center or hospital).   If you were insured and your patient portion were around 20% with insurance covering the other 80%, your personal cost would be around $1200.  And that’s assuming your deductible were already met, and of course it’s assuming you’re insured.  For many, many other surgeries, your personal costs could be much, much more, easily thousands of dollars.  A Real Surgery Report represents a tiny fraction of what patients typically pay for any surgical procedure.

As another perspective, the cost of a Real Surgery Report is about what some patients pay just for a co-pay to have a single office visit with a medical specialist.  What you get with a Real Surgery Report is the wisdom from those who’ve already walked your path, insights to help you make better informed decisions about your surgical options.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We are committed to your complete satisfaction. If you buy access to a Real Surgery Report and are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may notify Real Surgery in writing by sending an email to within three days of your registration and Real Surgery will refund you 100% of your registration fee less a $5 administrative fee. Please see our Terms of Service for further information.

Your surgery is your decision.  It’s worth getting the inside scoop.