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    Surgeons: Primary Care Handling of Meniscus Tear Not Always Best

       Top watch-outs for patients?

    Q: What do you think are the top watch-outs for a patient considering meniscus surgery so that they do not get surprised in a negative way?

    MRI to diagnose torn meniscus“Most patients with meniscus tears mishandled by primary care doctor”

    “I think 80 to 85% of patients with meniscus tears are mishandled by their primary care doctor.  Either they’re delayed in getting a referral or they have arthritis. They get an MRI that shows a tear; and they send them to a surgeon, who tells them they don’t need surgery. They have no concept on how to treat meniscus tears. It’s either operatively or nonoperatively.” Orthopaedic Surgeon
    What’s below? Get results from research among knee meniscus surgeons in which they candidly discuss their opinions about how well meniscus tear patients are diagnosed and managed in primary care.  Includes extensive direct quotes from off-the-record interviews with knee meniscus surgeons. Also includes data that quantifies surgeon estimates of how commonplace problems are for torn meniscus among primary care physicians.
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