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    Surgeons: Patients Need Reasonable Meniscus Surgery Expectations

       Full Recovery?

    Q: Suppose a close friend or family member asked you “what percent of normal function” they could probably expect after partial meniscectomy. How would you answer? What do you think are the top watch-outs for a patient considering meniscus surgery so that they do not get surprised in a negative way?

    In hospital for meniscus tear surgery“They can’t come back to 100%”

    “They may still have pain in the knee area after the surgery, especially if they’re overweight.  You’ll have some improvement, but there is a fair chance that you will still have some amount of knee pain.  You also might end up with arthritis in that knee anyways.  Also, regarding their overall activity, if they were super active before, sometimes they’ll still feel a little bit of pain.  They can’t come back to 100%.” Primary Care Physician
    What’s below? See surgeon opinion research about variability in indications for meniscus tear surgery.  The purpose is to understand satisfaction implications so that meniscectomy patients are well-calibrated with the surgeon’s expectations about the meniscus surgery and thus avoid any regret. Includes extensive direct quotes from off-the-record interviews with knee meniscus surgeons. Make th BEST decision for YOUR body!
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