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    Meniscectomy Rehab at Home or with Physical Therapist

       Rehab needed?

    Q: How important is the quality of meniscus surgery rehabilitation to achieving a successful outcome?

    at gym for meniscus surgery rehab“Critical at the beginning”

    “It is very important.  It is critical that the patient get therapy at the beginning of their recovery, but they can do it on their own as they get to the end of their recovery. The reason it is so important in the beginning is because you’re trying to make sure that they get back to full mobility as quickly as possible as well as to get the swelling down, which is what the therapy can help with.  It is also great to get them started and motivated in the strengthening which ultimately can provide them with support for the joint.” Orthopaedic Surgeon

    What’s below? Get findings from research among knee meniscus surgeons about their perceptions on the importance of rehabilitation after meniscectomy and whether they believe meniscus surgery patients should undertake meniscus tear rehab at home or in formal physical therapy.  Includes extensive direct quotes from off-the-record interviews with knee meniscus surgeons.  Surgeons also discuss their views on the patient role in meniscus rehab. Make th BEST decision for YOUR body!
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