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    #3 Patient Lesson – Some Wished for More Input Before Meniscectomy

       What was good or bad?

    Q: What positive and the negative aspects of your experience led to your meniscus surgery satisfaction rating?  Please describe things that made your meniscus tear experience easier or harder than you thought it would be.  What benefits or shortfalls led you to decide that the procedure was worth it or not?  What if anything do you know about this torn meniscus procedure now that you wish you had known before you had it?

    Informed Second Opinons on 
Meniscus Surgery

    “About 2½ years later, I had a total knee replacement.”

    RB (female), 64, Illinois
    “My pain was pretty bad when anesthesia wore off. I have difficulty with taking some pain meds (side effects), so I was mainly limited to Tylenol and ice. The meniscus surgery itself was effective for only about six months, and then the pain returned gradually. Doing it again, I would have gotten a second opinion, and I would have requested physical therapy after the procedure. The doctor read moreI used didn’t want me to have PT. I wish I had known that there is real pain. Everyone said ‘Oh, it’s easy, you’ll be out and running the next day.’ That didn’t happen for me. About two and a half years later, I had a total knee replacement.”

    What’s below? See research results that address the portion of knee meniscus patients who said that they wished they had gotten more feedback and input from prior meniscus tear patients or had sought out additional surgeons’ opinions before having their meniscectomy procedure. Includes extensive direct quotes from former patients who had surgery for their meniscus tear.
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