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    #4 Patient Lesson – Some Wished They Had Put Off Meniscus Surgery

       What was good or bad?

    Q: What positive and the negative aspects of your experience led to your meniscus surgery satisfaction rating?  Please describe things that made your meniscus tear experience easier or harder than you thought it would be.  What benefits or shortfalls led you to decide that the procedure was worth it or not?  What if anything do you know about this torn meniscus procedure now that you wish you had known before you had it?

    Patient Regretted Not Waiting for Knee Surgery

    “End result is the same as before”

    TN (male), 38, Indiana
    “I loved the surgical center and doctor performing the surgery. However, due to the nature of the injury and the declining use of my knee, I am not happy. My meniscus was degrading over time from previous surgeries and injuries during my military career. The swelling, instability and loss of range of motion were increasing. Despite surgery, I still ended up having continuous degrading read moreas well as increasing arthritis of right knee. I should have just dealt with the pain from the arthritis since the end result is the same as before the surgery. I wish I knew that it might not work.”

    What’s below? From patient research, quantifies the portion of knee meniscus patients that expressed regret, saying that they wished they waited before having a meniscectomy to see if they might have improved without the meniscus tear surgery.  Includes extensive direct quotes from former patients who had surgery for their meniscus tear.Make th BEST decision for YOUR body!
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