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    Meniscus Tear Surgery Recovery Time

       How long to recover?

    Q: After surgery on your knee meniscus, how long did it take before you were able to return to your normal, daily activities?

     exercise for meniscus tear recovery

    “Time and a lot of patience”

    JW (male), 39, California
    Meniscus surgery recovery five months – “I play beach volleyball competitively. I began having swelling in the knee and difficulty bending without discomfort. I had an MRI done that confirmed the meniscus tear. The surgeon guaranteed that I would be 100x more satisfied after the procedure. He did advise that there would be a period of discomfort, but after the rehab I would be better. He was right. I was read morea bit skeptical in the beginning and there was a point where I thought my knee wouldn’t be the same. But after rehab and time, I am back where I was before with little to no discomfort in my knee. I was warned that after the procedure I would be at greater risk of developing arthritis but time will tell, for now things are all good. Looking back on it now, I was prepared to accept that I might never have full range of motion back after surgery. It was months of struggling and rehab to stabilize all the muscles around the knee for my specific sport that was the hardest. Once I gained the strength, I had to build the confidence to rely on my knee like I did before surgery. With enough time and a lot of patience I was able to play the last beach tournament and win it to renew my rating on the beach in men’s doubles.”

    What’s below? Explores results from research among knee meniscus patients that quantifies average time for recovery after partial meniscectomy, including variations up and down. Includes extensive direct quotes from former patients who had surgery for their meniscus tear. Shows in weeks or months the full range of patients’ meniscus tear recovery times following meniscus surgery.
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